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Flappy Stay In The Line - Hard Bird Game

Drag your finger to move your player. Stay In The Line!
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Games Free Peter Marpaung iPhone, iPad, iPod

How To Play:

1. Touch inside the gray box that says "Touch & drag to move."
2. Keep your finger on the screen and drag to the left or right to move.
3. The dot (your player) will move with your finger as you drag it on the screen.
4. Keep the dot (your player) inside of the black line or you lose.

Have Fun!



Flappy is back at it again smh ewww

MJ Smothie

It's too hard and ads pop up every time you fail also it stops you at 49 that don't make no sense

My dude

My dude fix that speed and lower the ads and we're set

Just awful

Lame attempt there peter.

Stop with the ads
skinny bones number 1

It would be a fun and challenging game if there weren't ads every time I die