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Let’s celebrate the FISHERIES DAY with the Fishing Day Fun: fishing gets a real challenge! The brave fisherman is about to catch some SEAFOOD, but he’s got to watch out - the huge OCTOPUS and the SHARK are willing to get some fish too!
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How to play: catch fish, squid, sea stars and earn bonuses, also the time of the level will be restored. If you catch the garbage, you will loose some of your bonuses, as well as time! If you will stand in one place for a long time the octopus will sneak up to the fisherman and then catch him with tentacles! From time to time, shark will eat all the fish, cans, etc. Keep moving and catch as many fish as you can!

Fishing Day Fun Features:
- A game designed for the Fisheries Day
- Time is limited - catch seafood to restore it!
- Earn bonuses for catching sea creatures!
- Avoid the huge octopus!
- Prove that you are a master at fishing!


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