FingerCam Swipe based Spy Camera for capturing stealth candid moments Icon
Download FingerCam Swipe based Spy Camera for capturing stealth candid moments

FingerCam Swipe based Spy Camera for capturing stealth candid moments

FingerCam is a candid camera or sometimes called stealth camera app that records videos and takes photos. FingerCam is the new member of the ProximityCam family of apps. You can control in 2 ways.
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Photo & Video Free Ooi Szu-Khiam iPhone, iPad, iPod

Next version update will support iOS 8 only

Ways to use FingerCam

1) A simple time delay – set this app to delay for a couple of seconds and after that you have your photo and videos.

2) Swipe Guestures – Swipe to the right or up to start and swipe to the left or down to stop video recording. For taking photos swipes in any direction will initiate the taking of a whole series of photos.

So how much does this app cost? It's available for free. So download now! What are you waiting for? All the basic functions are available but certain functions will require an in-app purchase.

Please do not use this app to contravene any law, regulations and most importantly of all privacy.

I hope you visit my web site,, for more ideas. See you and please don't be a stranger.

Disclosure: The Author is not responsible for the use of this App ("FingerCam") once it is in the hands of the end user. To use this app you agree to never contravene any laws, regulations and privacy regulations. You will also agree to respect the privacy of others. This is NOT a personal safety application. The End User is fully responsible for their actions and taking the necessary personal safe guards.


Only need the swipe function

Simplify it! ??

Love it

Works ?


The app is one of a kind. You will find no other app like it, and it's way better than anything simular to it. It works amazingly for a free app.


app has incomplete labels. wanted to buy but wasn't sure all the features


It doesn't work!

Not good

This app does not work. The labels aren't finished. Can't take pictures or I can't figure out how to do it. This app is pointless. Do not download.

15min gratis nada mas
Oscar Amador


Might be a good app but how to tell?!

Installed it, but it's like a half-finished app. All the buttons and features are labeled according to what looks like the underlying code. I played with it but had no idea how to make it work!

Doesn’t work as advertised

Don’t bother.

So bad

Nearly impossible to understand. Awful design. This could be THE worst app in the App Store. Total garbage. I’d give it 0 stars if I could.

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