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Final Friday - The Halloween Clicker

Looking for some spine-chilling fun? Final Friday, the horror themed clicker is just what you need. Halloween is right in your hand!
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Fire your silver bullets and cast powerful magic circles on the endless wave of classic horror monsters. Collect gold, level up your abilities and upgrade your weapon and spells. Easy to play with simple taps!

* 50 classic monster and horror icons to slay, from Frankenstein to a Roswell alien! (a what?)
* 7 entertaining horror backdrops from a midnight pumpkin patch to a haunted mansion
* 7 high-quality spooky BGMs supplemented with female scream, evil laugh and zombie growls
* 10+ hours of playtime
* Stat point system, level up your hero in the direction you want

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Pretty fun clicker
Sleeping Hero

Pretty cool clicker like title. Has a fun theme that has kept me hooked and some type of secret spell system Iv yet to see. Fun to waste some time. Give it a chance if u like upgrading stuff


Nice, but with no apparent offline money farming, theres no reason to want to come back and play.


Should make more

LOVE IT ❤️️?
Cookie clicker209

I love this clicker! Not only is it amazing it's so different and fun! It's awesome for the Halloween season or just whenever! One of the best click I have encountered! ?❤️️??

Surprisingly fun!!!

I find at least some point every day to devote time to this game. It's painfully simple: just click to hit, but the RPG elements make it fun and challenging. Upgrades to armor, weapons, and magic and complexities like resistance to a specific attack make this game involved and strategic, but it also stays straightforwardly fun and enough grinding on the current level will make the next boss easy. I fully recommend this for almost anyone to try!

Scary tappin fun
Cary Allen

My new favorite to kill a few minutes. And a few monsters.