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Final Dash - Multiplayer Hill Roads Racing

Twisted, borderline morbid yet ridiculously entertaining.
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Games Free Nemanja Komar iPhone, iPad, iPod

Fearful Kim, fearless Angela and big eyes Thomas are going on a field trip adventure. You are a bus driver and your job is to drive them safely to their final destination.
Realistic physics make this free racing game a unique and hilarious experience. Race up and down the hills, into the woods, through the treacherous terrains and bad roads while your passengers bounce up and down, tumble in mid air and crack their necks. Collect cupcakes along the way and use the to feed your characters to make the mountain and bumpy ride more pleasant experience.

In multiplayer mode upgrades do not apply so that there is no unfair advantage among the users. First to 500 meters wins but only if all of your passengers are safe and sound! Go race and have fun!

• Real-time online cross-platform multiplayer
• HD graphics
• Beautiful, procedurally generated worlds
• Achievements and global leaderboards
• Simple controls
• Cheerful music and great sound effects


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