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Film Genie - Free Video Effects, up to HD Quality

Film Genie is the way to add hollywood quality visual effects and animations to any video. Featuring 13 Intros, Frames, and Loops, the app transforms plain videos into professional video productions. Film Genie works with existing or newly shot video, standard, or high definition footage, and videos shot in portrait or landscape orientation. Seven different Effects Expansion Packs, which add an additional 41 effects, are available as in-app purchases.
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Film Genie goes beyond typical film grain and color correction. It combines the phenomenal quality of professional effects software with the portability and simplicity of iOS. Mix and match multiple effects to add depth and enhance realism.

Film Genie is the perfect companion to iMovie (and other video apps) for creating any type of video project!

Export High Definition video projects at any duration!
iPad with Retina display, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S support videos at 1080p!

The app includes three different kinds of effects: Intros, Frames, and Loops. A sampling of each kind comes as part of the 13 effects included in the free download. For example, an Intro is a professional animation that precedes the video and provides an Introduction to it. The Curtain Draw depicts a red velvet, theater curtain that opens slowly to reveal the video playing behind it. Frames are still masks that literally frame the video, such as the Art Frame, where an elaborate, gilded, golden wood frame enhances the video by placing it within a context. Finally, Loops are professional animations that are superimposed over the video, like Carbonation, where multi-sized, transparent bubbles of water fizz across the video, rising from the bottom to the top.

Feature Highlights:

• Live effects playback and fullscreen preview
• Standard (360p) and HD (720p*) export sizes
• Full HD (1080p) video export support for iPad with Retina display, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S
• Add effects to portrait or landscape videos
• Record new videos or import existing videos from photo albums
• Share videos with friends via Facebook and YouTube

Free Effects:

• Anniversary Banner - You remembered!
• Art Frame - A masterpiece
• Binoculars - Go Anywhere. See Everything.
• Carbonation - A splash of bubbly
• Curtain Draw - You're on!
• Letterbox - Paint the silver screen
• Mouth - Open wide
• Paparazzi Flashes - Instant celebrity
• Phone - Yo dawg, I heard you like phones...
• Starfield -Star surfer
• Sun - Eye protection required
• Television - Be on TV… in the 90s
• Vignette - So dramatic

Optional Effects Expansion Packs:

• Friends - Birthday, Confetti, Flowers, Hearts, Holidays
• Adventure - Cinema, Doors, Fire, Fireworks, Nightvision, Scope
• Adventure II - Camera, Cyborg, Helmet, Hypnotize, Jail, Record
• Elements - Bokeh, Fog, Keyhole, Rain, Snow, Waves
• Rock Star - Audience, Champions, Music, Stadium, Stars
• Variety - Cat, Caution, Cracked, Dog, Grain, Psychedelic, Puzzle
• Halloween - Bats, Ghost, Halloween, Lightning, Trick or Treat, Webs

*720 HD not supported on iPhone 3GS
Please report any bugs to [email protected] with as many details as possible.


Feed back

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Dope app

Wish they had more options but dope

Film Genie
Owen Hill

This app is a great way to inject some energy into videos I take on the go. I recommend this app to anyone who likes to share their iPhone videos with others. there is a great verity of effects that make this app well worth it.


Those aren't effects, those are cheesy overlays, many of which you have to pay for and are not worth it. Effects give your videos different looks like other video apps do so much better. Make the download smaller by getting rid of that help video. Make it available online instead.

Samson sept 7 2011

Loved it. It did take a few minutes to download, but it was worth it. Already sent some movies to friends that wanted to know what app I was using!


Very interesting app.. IF IT ONLY STOP CRASHING!!!! I was able to create one video, but after exporting it-- the app WON'T OPEN ANY MORE!! WASTE OF PHONE MEMORY!!


Wow. Finally a way to have fun sending video's. I started with the basic free app but within minutes started getting more fun effects after I saw what this can do! Get it and play away, look out Hollywood here I come.

Warning !!!

Don't even try.. Try at your own risk!!! Will lockup your phone...

Worst app ever

Horrible app downloaded effects and still after one week will not work don't waste your money


Excellent app, will also post mov. files for those using Windows.