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Grab your bow, a quiver of arrows and head into the woods for some rapid fire archery action.

This is quick fire extreme archery with lots of moving targets to hit set in a medieval wood - its a little different to the more sedate tournament archery.

Here you will need to shoot 120+ arrows a minute, hitting multiple targets at different distances. Some targets are stationary, some spinning, some rolling and some are carried by dragons !!!

This is a different world to most archery games, so don your medieval tunic, grab your long bow, pull on your finest hunting boots and head into Sherwood forest for some Robin Hood style long bow work.

Scores & Tactics :-

Points :- Bull, Gold 100
Red circle 50
Blue circle 25
Black circle 10 points

Shoot as many arrows at each target as you want, but try to hit each target.

If you miss any target the game gets a little faster and a little more difficult.

Shoot apples for more time.

For big points shoot conservative Golds in different targets. The bonus goes up by 100 points for each new bull in a different target.

Download Field Archery now, shoot straight, shoot true, and most of all shoot quickly!


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