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Games Free Ethan Barbieri iPhone, iPad, iPod

Download the game THIS WEEK to get started with 20 brainz !! Your HORRORscope foresees you spending these brainz on a silly stylish hat :)

Poor Carl. Only yesterday he was slaying zombies with his team. Now he is in GRAVE danger. Why? He was bitten overnight and his old friends are trying to put him back in the ground !

Now he must run for his LIFE.

Carl is DEADicated to be accepted and live with his old team again. His plan is simple, to trick them into thinking he’s human. He can do this by getting costumes which each have a sweet ability ! He can get more lives, double jump, and even run faster !

Carls appetite for humans has been a problem. If he eats too many, he gets chunky and can’t jump very high. If he avoids them he can jump higher and further. But he needs to collect those sweet, sweet brainz to get more points, costumes and insta-followers. #zombieproblemz.

Maybe one day, if Carl is fashionable enough, he will become #instafamous. Of CORPSE (I mean course) his team will love him again ! This might change the life of every zombie forever.

Good on ya, Carl.

- Endless runner with FLESH (I mean fresh) weight physics
- Collect powerups to beat your old high scores
- Nostalgic retro vibe. Have you HORDE the sound effects?
- Addictive arcade gameplay and achievements

Get a score of 300 to unlock all items. You’re going to look DASHING, baby ;)

Earn some real life karma, they might catch the 20 brainz offer before it's gone :)

No in-app purchases. You’re going to need skill to beat this one !

Shout out to bfxr.net, Michael Leech tutorials, Google, and especially my inspiration, Khaleesi :)


Old school fun
Shannon Hobbs

Graphics and sound may be kinda cheesy but it reminds me of an old school Atari game. It really is a lot of fun though. And downright addictive! I just can't stop playing and trying to top my high score over and over.