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With over 4.7 million downloads the global hit social game FASHION WEEK Live FREE version comes to the App Store! Storm the fashion world as you build your career from fashion to global superstar!
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FASHION WEEK Live is the new definition and the most stylish fashion game on mobile. It is the first genuine portrayal of the fashion industry where you are challenged to build a career in the world of fashion. You start as an aspiring stylist. As you learn the ropes in your new career, you gain experience, prestige and wealth, unlocking greater opportunities as you move up in the industry. Your goal is to rise to the ranks of Fashion Idol, where anything is possible!

FASHION WEEK Live has very realistic models, clothes and styles:

• Build your fashion career, from intern to fashion idol
• Go on assignments in the fashion capitals of the world – New York, London, and Milan
• Create and customize your models looks - hair, skin, eyes, lips and nose
• Build your fashion wardrobe and express your style
• Share your portfolio and see how FWL’s experts rate it!

Please be aware this is a 'stand alone' mobile game and is separate and not connected to the Facebook version of FASHION WEEK Live.

FASHION WEEK live is completely free to play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

FASHION WEEK Live has been built for iPad 2 or newer and iPad Mini or newer.

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What Happened

Doesn’t work don’t bother with this App.


The app has good potential, but... As soon as I try to change my appearance at the very beginning the app crashes. Fix the bugs and it would get higher ratings most likely.


Looked fun but game crashes when i try to change appearance at beginning.

Looks can be deceiving
Reggie rocs

I was soooo excited when I saw this app free but I can't even get in!! Pleeeeeeease fix it because you know it has problems!?


I have to agree with the previous comments it looks like it'll be a great game but I just started it and it keeps crashing I can't do anything without it crashing omg

Good potential..but....

Crashes non-stop!!!!

It was great...when it worked.

Unlike other reviewers, I never had issues with the app crashing. In fact, the only glitch I ever experienced was it becoming unresponsive after collecting the daily allowance, but that was easily fixed by closing and reopening the app. However, about a week ago, it spontaneously stopped working. I open it, loading comes up, and then...nothing. The loading progress bar stays at 0%, and that's it. Extremely frustrating since I have invested a good bit of time in it, finally reached high enough levels for it to be really fun, only for it to stop working.

Why Dont they EvEr ImProve this game!!?

They dont update or improve the pc/fb version, nor have they really done anything to make this mobile version likable. Mobile version is just a horrible 'preview' like version of the pc/fb one. U CANNOT do anything with this mobile version. Original version could be a #1 game but they stopped paying attention Long Ago. So many players, yet the developers have basically took a dump on us. As much as i love org. ver.,>>> >> Capital F You developers. <<

Crash and burn

The app is great, basically the pic version for iPad/phone and would have better reviews if it didn't keep crashing! I only had it for a day before the game stopped working. Now, it opens and shows 0% loading for eternity! Fix the app, but I'm deleting it.