Download Farmer Pets - Virtual Animals

Farmer Pets - Virtual Animals

Would you like to manage your own farm with lovely animals? You are sick of the city. Stress, too many working or school hours, pollution all around you, nothing green close to you… Until now that you have decided to move to the countryside and live in a farm, close to what you most love: animals. Now you own a bunch of super cute small pets, virtual puppies are surrounding you and you are supper happy now.
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Because in this simulator, you a living in a completely exciting and lovely farm environment: dogs, cats, sheep, pigs and even a super cool amazing pink pony. Now you have the full responsibility to take care of your cute pets and fulfill their needs. All your farm puppies are the whole days playing around and it’s time for you to take care of them.

It’s super easy to play this brand new game. You just have to pick your favorite animal and take care of them. You have to feed them, wash them, play with them, brush their hair and many other fun activities. You just have one goal: make your pups happy in the joyful farm. But watch out because each animal has a unique character and behavior. From the sleep kitty to the adventurous pony, the forgetful sheep or the little dirty pig.

This game for children is considered one of the best pet caring simulation game, with realistic pets and lot of real and cool animations that will transport you to the middle of the beautiful and green country side.


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