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Are you a true Jedi?
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Unleash the force in this incredibly addicting and exciting quiz game covering your favorite books and Star-Wars movies like New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi, Clone Wars, and more! Test your trivia skills in the Star-Wars universe.
You might just discover things you never knew about Han Solo, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, the Rebel Alliance, and more.

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Mythical viper88

How did admiral piett die? Answer....he didn't??? The executor crashed into the Death Star!!! He definitely died!!!!! Still giving 3 stars cause it's not horrible, but really? That's a question I could have answered when I was 5! I changed my mind, that oversight gives it 2

"Very inaccurate"

This app asked me "what did Luke say to Leia when the swung across the Death Star chasam?" The answer was "Hold on to my gun". The REAL answer to that is "Hold on tight", yet that was not, and there wasn't even a option for it!

Great app, bad adds

From what I played the trivia was great, unfortunately it wasn't much. Adds popped up often enough in the app and regular trivia, but with survival every time I answered I had to swim through a sea of adds just to answer the next one. I consider this app basically unplayable unless you wish to pay to remove the adds


The music is not Star Wars, there are numerous spelling and grammar issues, the app badge has nothing to do with Star Wars, the adds pop up every 5 seconds in normal mode, and every time you answer a question in survival. This app is a wast of space and time. DO NOT BUY.

Decent but you need to buy with ads removed

Ads kill this and then pay for the ads to go. Trivia is fun but focuses Iv-vi. I think a couple of The questions are wrong too.

Tally Ho Locko

Finally a Star Wars quiz that has questions that aren't obvious if you've seen the movies more than once. Where do I post corrections to questions that have wrong answers? The Blockade Runner has 11 engines not 9 and a Star Destroyer has 3 not 4 and R2-D2 is a Astromech droid....Most questions are taken from the Jedi Masters Quizbook by Rusty Miller. Also there almost No ROTJ question what's up with that!


Too many ads, badge is stupid, only episodes 4-6 mostly, spelling mistakes, and false answers. Also, too boring. It was a good idea but terrible execution. Don't get.

Needs to be overhauled

The app is okay but certain questions the developer got wrong. Now if they weren't following what is believed to be true in the Star Wars continuity but following some expanded universe sections then great but put that next to the question for their could be multiple answers then. Now as for the answers being accurate well they aren't 100% accurate. So keep in mind if your looking for Star Wars trivia that is good and just about what's been in the main timeline then this isn't for you. If you want something that crosses out of the movies be careful for their correct answer isn't always the right answer.

Wrong answers

There are multiple wrong answers but the question that inspired me to write this was, " how did general Piett die?" The correct answer according to the game was "he didn't die"....FALSE! He clearly dies when the spiraling A-wing fighter kamikazes the command tower where he was observing the battle of Endor. He even tries to dive to safety which clearly doesn't work.

Wrong answers

Leia's 'adoptive' father was senator Bail Organa. Not Bail Achilles. Also, it doesn't specify father from adoptive father. Her father was Anakin Skywalker, her adoptive father was Bail. Otherwise, pretty good

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