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TalkingPoints is a free application that lets you communicate with your children’s teachers and school. You will be able to send and receive messages through this application in your native/home language, because TalkingPoints will translate your message into English for teachers. Stay engaged and involved in your child’s learning by communicating with their teacher and school using TalkingPoints!
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"Me gusta mucho TalkingPoints porque podemos saber todo lo que pasa en la clase. Me gusta tener la comunicación de text message. Es muy simple y fácil."

"I really like TalkingPoints, because I can know everything that happens in the class. I really like having text message communication. It is very simple and easy." -Spanish-speaking Parent, CA


Something is wrong

I am not sure what is happening with this app now but something has gone wrong. I have experienced delays with the app where I can see the notification/preview for a message but when I open the app the message is not there. Now, literally every time I receive a message I am being asked to set up my account again. Not only is this annoying but it is unproductive. My child’s school chooses to use this app for communication but at this point I’d rather email. Please figure out what this bug is and fix it.

This app is crap

This app is crap. You don’t receive the messages or notifications in real time. It took 4 days to get a message from the teacher.

xis bianca

I love it because you can easily communicate and ask your teacher a question better than using Gmail. Idk about other students, but this app helps me way more and I feel a lot more confident getting my work done.

This app no longer sends me notifications

App worked great until I got a new phone. Despite reinstalling the app, reregistering my account, and triple checking my notifications settings, I receive no notifications. I no longer receive timely communications from my sons’ teachers, rendering this app pretty much useless.

Es genial

A mi me gusta mucho este medio . Por que traduce todas mis preguntas sobre el aprendizaje de mi hija.

App is logging me out

I recently updated my TalkingPoints app. As soon as I updated it I lost all my teacher contacts and it had me re-sign in as a new member. When I entered my phone number it asked for the teacher codes, which I don’t have. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you

señor liam

Muy bonito entendernos por este medio

Love it

So useful I enjoy it.


Estoy encantada con esta aplicación porque me mantienen bien informada Gracias

It needs improvement
* Shorty * :)

I have been struggling with it because the app crashes often. Besides that it is a great way to communicate with teachers



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