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Hi There. In the world of fairies and princesses, everything is like us. And they must eat, and they need to defecate, and they give birth to other beautiful fairies just as people give birth to babies. In this game you have to give a helping hand to the doctor who will operate on a beautiful fairy because you have to give birth and needs support from you. Please help him better and to do everything you will ask, because we are convinced that you get a good job and fairy is born safely.
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1) before going to the hospital have to give mother's food.
2) then you need to come in and carriage to go to the hospital.
3) the hospital have to give the best treatment, so we bring in special room.
4) check her heartbeat, pulse and heart rate.
5) manages him a teaspoon of sipop then need to take an ultrasound.
6) after the baby was born have to go in his room.
7) must check its health too.
8) The child has gone home.
9) We need to bathe the baby to be clean.

Thanks you agreed to help us through this game, and we invite you to choose and other games for girls belonging to the developer.

Good luck!


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