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The simplest and easiest way to sync your friends faces in facebook in your own way to your contact on idevice, especially you don't like facebook "global killer sync" function. ( even works for one photo share 2 contacts or vice versa )
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Not for iPhone 6

This is not compatible with iPhone 6. Updates are needed!!

Not working anymore

Can't log in with Facebook.

Not logging in...

This app used to work perfectly! Now it says he app creator hasn't set it up properly for Facebook login... There wasn't an update, so why am I now getting this error?


Facebook pairing is broken

Didn't work

Facebook message came up immediately when I launched this and says "developers of this app did not set up correctly to work with Facebook"

Doesn't Work

Same issue as others have had--opens immediately in a pane showing Facebook login issue. As it is now this app is useless.

Please fix the log in issue with Facebook

It was working PERFECTLY then one day about 2 weeks ago it opened my Facebook saying the developers haven't set it up properly. Please fix. It was the only one that worked ?

Doesn't work anymore

Has an issue with Facebook login feature which they haven't fixed!!

Doesn't work error logging into facebook

Gives an error after it opens facebook saying the developers of this App have not setup login properly.

Broken. Waste of time.

Don't even bother. App is broke. Delete.