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EyeSeeU-Lite (IP Video Camera)

Eye See U enables you to watch any IP Video Camera around the world.
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Utilities Free ECASTE iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can add as many video cameras as you want, private or public: a simple address is needed.

Want to ski? Want to know if it's sunny or snowing?
Check it with Eye See U!
Want to keep an eye on your baby?
Check it with Eye See U!
Want to have a video-surveillance solution in your mobile?
Add your cams in Eye See U!

Live video streaming using MJPEG technology
Simple still image refreshing for any IP Video Cameras that doesn't support MJPEG protocol

Direct access to the IP Video Camera, no needs of any third-party application.

Portrait and landscape display, respecting the camera ratio or fit the image into the screen (can be configured for each video camera).

Take a picture of the video camera displayed and store it into the IPhone/IPod

Digital zoom in/out of the video camera displayed.

Search for cams around you, or use some keywords to find the right places.

Be careful: this application doesn't manage MPEG4 and H.264 video stream

Please if you have some troubles to configure your video camera or any other question regarding EyeSeeU, please send me an email before writing a comment. We can't reply to comments...


Ip camz
Flyer boy

This worked pretty good 4 my cam. Never displays on the preview but if you click your cam you can see the live feed.


Where did you put the cam at

works great

this app works great! also the support for this app was very helpful and helped me configure the use of this app - quickly!


If u think it cool ur smart


This was dumb and stupid I hate it so much 5 secs of video only this is crapp

Crappy programming

Honestly where did u find the programmers from.





5 seconds

Come on! Are you guys serious? This app is a complete waste of time. They should not even offer a free version of this pathetic app. And now I wasted enough time on it. I'm going to delete it now!!!

Stupidest app

Are you serious? 5 seconds, really!? And in the places you picked, NOTHING is going on! Please at LEAST put the camera somewhere that actual PEOPLE are! I mean, maybe everyonce in a while a bird might fly by but come on. Are you kidding?

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