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Let’s get ready to ride across a galaxy through a simulation of crazy roller coaster and adventurous rides of amusement park. Crazy roller coaster is a free coaster game of furious speed and high accelerates rides. Enjoy real freaky and crazy roller coaster simulator and get ready to touch the sky with a simulation of roller coaster rush. Crazy roller coaster is a free kid simulator game with stunning rides and 3D coaster view.
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Lets touch the skyline with mountain high roller coaster and feel like you ride free roller coaster in galaxy, around stars to explore a milky way with the simulation of crazy roller coaster. Crazy simulation of this free roller coaster allows you to control the speed of your coaster to keep it on track. If your speed goes high then your coaster should be derailed. So avoid from any danger by accelerating the speed of roller coaster and enjoy the zigzag track of crazy roller coaster.
Free simulation of crazy roller coaster will give you a challenge of excitement with every new level. Adventurous thrill, danger rides and speedy acceleration are the obstacles which can derail your coaster from the track. So let’s face every challenge by tapping over the speed button according to your coaster track. Enjoy fast and furious rides with crazy simulation of roller coaster and amuse your kids with best kids game 2016!
If you are afraid of real roller coaster rides then this free game helps you to get rid of this fear with a simulation of sky high rolling coaster. So lets get ready to jump into your trolley and say good bye to world and take step into galaxy by downloading this free roller coaster game. If you are looking for best 2016 games then enjoy this crazy coaster to make you day more thrilling with adventure of roller coaster mania.

Roller coaster features
Enjoy fast and furious rides.
Control the speed of coaster on turnings.
Protect your roller coaster trolley by derailing.
Enjoy real rides with sim of free roller coaster.
Real theme of amusement park.
Excellent graphics with real rides.


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