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Escape Quest 8:Peace Keeper

When the enemy’s at the gate, what choice do you have?
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Games $0.99 XiaoLong Lu iPhone, iPad, iPod

Thousands of vicious enemies are poised to destroy the city. As the Peacekeeper, it’s up to you to stop them. How?? Any way you can.

Duck the enemy fire in your trench, then unleash your firepower to hold your position. Don’t get overrun…or we’re all doomed!

• Endless waves of non-stop action
• Massive arsenal and armory
• Special power-ups to unlock
• Joint attacks from random divisions
• Top-notch graphics
• Epic boss fights!

Take down enemies to earn coins, then upgrade your kit to hit them back where it hurts. Grow your arsenal and your reputation, and make sure you keep the all costs!


Achievements and price
game is dumb ripoff

The achievements go negative and you do not receive them. Also the original game was free before for somereason taken down so it should not cost more for a much worse version of the game

Snow ball games

It sends axe throwers on wave one even though they shouldn’t be there until wave two and only axe throwers

Needs more work

There isn’t any enemies only axe throwers. Even though in the cut scenes you can see other enemies. Really meeds more enemies

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