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Escape Game: Lost Lamp

Escape Game: Lost Lamp is a point and click escape game.
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Games Free Arul Mani iPhone, iPad, iPod

In this escape game, assume that you had lost your magical lamp somewhere. Someone took it and has hidden it somewhere. You need to find your magical lamp and escape with it because you can work miracles with your lamp. Search for your lost lamp by relating objects and solving puzzles. Have fun!

-Nice graphics.
-Awesome puzzles.
-Finding hidden objects.
-100% free escape game app.

Download the game for free now and enjoy solving the puzzles.


Not a favorite?

Clues weren't that great. Had to use the walk-through many times. It took the fun away from the game.

Pops jons
pops jonson


Enjoyed this Game

2nd time reviewing first time was 12/5/17. I’m not sure why it should as if I didn’t play with game when I have. Great Challenge



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