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The mini robots are coming to erase Dr. Moorhead's computer files! The ongoing war between Dr. Kockpocalipse and Dr. Moorhead gets heated up with Dr. Kock sends his mini robots next door to attack Dr. Moorhead's massive computer, robots that just won't stop coming! Defend Dr. Moorhead's precious files with your Computer Cannon against an onslaught off tiny robots! Will they ever end? It is going to be a long night.
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Games Free Noah Wilson iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Endless levels with tiered prizes. Get on the leader-boards for more!
- Checkpoints allow you to save progress. Level 14? More like Level 1,400!
- Unleash over a dozen different weapons.
- Unleash Mega Bombs to clear out lots of robots.
- Collect Coins to use in other SCP Games.


Pew! Pew! Pew!

I love this game! The controls are simple, intuitive, and easy to get the hang of, but the variety of weapons and levels makes it insanely addictive!! And just wait until you get the "Confetti Gun"...

Classic arcade feel.

Very simplistic controls. A nice variety of weapons to blast with.