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Welcome to Episode: your home for interactive, visual stories, where as the player YOU choose what path your character takes!
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Games Free Episode Interactive, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Explore our wide catalog of stories in any of your favorite genres from adventure to romance to fantasy!

- INTERACTIVE STORIES: make choices that determine who you meet, what friends you make and what people think of you!
- UNRAVEL mysteries and help your character survive the dangers that lie ahead!
- DRESS your character and choose the style that will help you succeed!


Campus Crush: Welcome to your freshman year on campus. You've managed to get into Lockwood University, the most esteemed college in the state. But will you make friends? Will you find love? And what will you uncover about your mysterious scholarship? All of that is up to you as you choose your way through this interactive story.

- FLIRT WITH guys and try to find a date for the formal!
- MAKE FRIENDS and try to get into the best sorority on campus!

Tea & Poison: A missing heir, a poisoned duke, and a bizarre antique locket! Can you unravel the mysteries of the aristocracy before it’s too late? You are Miss Kingston and on your 18th birthday you suddenly find yourself thrown into a world of intrigue and betrayal that you’ll be lucky to escape from with her life.

- FIND LOVE with royalty, rogues or the boy who has been in front of you the whole time!
- CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS wisely as they may be the difference between life and death!

PLEASE NOTE: Episode lets you purchase items within the game for real money. Please disable in-app purchases on your device if you do not want this feature to be accessible.

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For any parents who wish to purchase tickets for their kids, or anyone who is using the app, I purchased the 18 ticket deal for $.99. They charged me $6.99. Twice. When I emailed them asking them to fix it, they never responded. I had to contact apple support to get the refund for one $6.99 refund. Episode charged me again, just now, for the $.99. They did not contact me. They did not reach out to me with an explanation. They charged me a second time without authorization. My daughter used the tickets so I believe the $.99 is owed. But I’ve learned my lesson. They are not to be trusted. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another charge from them soon. Be careful.


Great story’s but the only problem is that you have to finish the episode to get a gem and the ONLY other way to get them is paying most apps give you some like 15 when you first start


Why don’t I get passes anymore? This is horrible. I want to play but don’t anymore because I don’t get any tickets

Avis sur le payage

C chiant de bloquer des choix important pour les payer faite genre payer un episode premiem et laisser celui la sans rien a payer

Bad boys girl
Neil lattz

It’s not good........it’s just the most outstanding

Amazing, but....

Ok I love this app! It's nice to see different authors come together and write their own stories. It's very creative! My only recommendation is can you guys make an option to replay a chapter without replaying the whole story? Another one is that sometimes when I come back and forth into the app it will sometimes kick me out. Other than that it is great!

We need more tickets!!

I think it’s dumb how we have to wait almost 4 hours for one ticket that will only give us like 2 mins of Intrest it just doesn’t really add up to me I wish there was a way I could have unlimited tickets or atlest be able to have more than 2 at a time I think it’s dumb but other than that I love this game it’s very interesting and enjoyable but in conclusion you should make it an option to pay like $1.99 for unlimited tickets thanks😌

Baby project

This is the best story I have read on this app I this so much


takes too long to get tickets because i don’t want to spend my own money.


Ok so I have been playing episode since this app had only 2 passes, so you can say that I’m a really old episode player/ lover idk. But there seems to be a problem now on this app that after a few hours no matter how much passes you’d have they would still refill and give you more passes but now nothing like this happens and it’s been a while since I actually read some of my fav stories on episode. Alot of people have complained about this problem bc many people like me had a lot of passes that kept on refilling and giving us more passes for free and then there is also the daily challenge from which you can get passes if you read 4 chapters daily. But the thing is that I don’t want to play the daily challenge and loose 4 of my free passes (that I have out of 14 now) and I don’t wanna PURCHASE passes with my own real money other than that before there was an option where you’d watch a video and get a free pass or a diamond but now all there is, is an option to purchase. So in conclusion I think I don’t want to play this game anymore unless they fix this glitch and let us have more than 4 passes bc I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate that. Also many people on this episode forum thing online have posted ss of email from episode saying that people can now only have 4 passes so that’s kind of a dumb move episode bc you just lost a very old player of yours. xoxo