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Finance Free EOS Hub Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

EOSHub Wallet is the versatile EOS wallet for your iPhone.

You can do almost everything you need to do about EOS blockchain with EOSHub wallet. Exchanges don’t provide airdrop tokens you deserve and hackers are always looking for security weakness. Let’s start the EOS under secure and fast environment.

● Safest EOS toolkit

EOSHub implements latest technologies to protects your account. Apple Secure Enclave technology keeps your private key in a secret place in the iPhone.

● Fast & easy EOS account creation

You can create new EOS account at here in 5 minutes.

● Token management

You can collect any EOS based tokens at here. Adding tokens or sending tokens are also possible.

● Hassle-less access

Rather than using a complex and difficult key, TouchID or FaceID will be your key to open the possibility of the EOS blockchain.

● Vote and resource management

Essential features like Resources management, Vote and RAM trading are available here.

EOSHub Inc.

· Webpage: https://eos-hub.io

· CS: [email protected]

· Twitter: @EOSHubio


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