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Download Emojizer Keyboard - Custom Emoji Font for iOS 8

Emojizer Keyboard - Custom Emoji Font for iOS 8

Change the normal QWERTY keyboard into EMOJWERTY!
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Utilities $1.99 ALEJANDRO PORTELA TORRES iPhone, iPad, iPod

Every letter in the alphabet is represented by the shape of an emoji. HOW?

The L is a boot, the J a saxophone, the T a palm tree...

By the creators of the original Emojizer app comes a fully functional iOS 8 keyboard that will let you type anything and anywhere using only emojis.

And people will be able to read!

Check out the screenshots and download it to try for yourself.

This is the coolest custom keyboard to impress your friends and customize your iphone.

It works on every social media and messaging app, you can customize your contacts list, your app folders, send tweets, facebook messages, instagram comments, snapchat captions...

Download it now!


Great app

Awesome app


πŸ“ πŸ‘’πŸ“πŸŽ‹πŸ“§ it but sometimes you can't understand it so it's not horrible but not amazing

Ξ― α’ͺΤΉβœ”β˜° ί☨$☯

$☯ Ι±β˜‹β˜Ύβ™„

Chuca bibo

I love it πŸ“ πŸ‘’β­•β™ˆπŸ“§ πŸ“πŸŒ΄

Genius! And so much fun to use.
Dave Buck

I have all Alejandro Portela's apps. He makes sending messages, leaving comments, and posting captions so much fun. My favorite is Cool Fonts. check it out. The emoji keyboard is brilliant though. I just used it to send a fiend a happy birthday message.

This genius App lets you type in Emoji!

A HUGE improvement from the previous Emojizer App. Thanks Alejandro for giving me the option to send all my text messages in Emoji.

❀️ it!
Braylen's mommy

? ?β­•β™ˆ? ?β›Ž®???❑ β“‚? ??❌?⚑ β­•® ?β­•βš‘?⚑ ???β­• ?β“‚β­•??βš‘β•


I paid .99 and do not see this keyboard to select. Sorta want my dollar back!

Will not open... needs fixed

Will not open just wants to sell apps

Dino Tveter

I love it!!!