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Express yourself with Emojis, Emoji Art, Emoji Text, Cool Font Styles and much more.
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NEW iOS 9.1 & 8.3 Emojis Included!

Also have fun with the Emoji puzzle games.

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iOS 8 emojis
Google Duo is the best

I like this app, but the design of the emojis are iOS 8 emojis. Can you please fix this ASAP?

So sad

It’s so sad that you wait till you get the whole thing downloaded into your phone and on the last screen you pop up and say “3 days free then $9.99 a month”. That’s just not right!! :(

Emojis for iPhone

I like the app but it constantly won’t open.

Needs work somewhat

I love the concept but it is really full of inconsistencies that make me feel like I am going to have to do something lik delete it and the company that won’t do bug fixes

So much fun ????❤️????
Lightnig bug

Games and emojis all in one what's not to like I hope they make more of them and I just started playing it and I already love it like seriously download this game????! It's so fun whoo! ?

It’s the best
fhdnjwksk be na

It’s the best ever

$9.99 a month for Emoji app????

I love the little cute emoji’s that are available. Not for $9.99 a month! This app was free for so long and suddenly it hits the lovely PAY WALL that equals $9.99 a month if you want any and all New emojis ????

This is not so worth it...
I will see....

So, I downloaded this app, and it’s not sooo fun. Has anyone known about boringness? But... it’s okay, just needs improvement. The improvements could be that it leaves a impact on messages? Yasss

Emoji app
Rose of Sharon 1

I’ve used the emoji app for years now it seems to disappear if I use the Bitmoji and have trouble getting it back. Pops up and wants me to buy it I guess new version and guess I’ll do without. Not going to buy something I’ve been using and all of a sudden you want to charge me!


Seriously $10 per month for emojis! You have to be crazy!