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Ellen's Road to Riches Slots is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC


H&H iTunes

I feel like Ellen is right here rooting for me!

Last update…no fun


This used to be more fun before the latest update. Now the payouts are less, the extra games are gone, there are no extra payouts when you’d open the game & there would be surprise points given to you. The game used to represent Ellen, it was giving, now it’s sucking away my points 😞

So much fun

Fun to be SlotZ

Great game very entertaining



Awesome game

My love this game


My love for this is strong, I play it at work during my lunch break and when I am not too busy more over when I am off work I spent most of my time playing this game I love it

Fun Game!


Love Ellen and this game! It’s a great way to relax and guaranteed to put you in a good mood!


grabies pate

I love Ellen and I love her slots!!!!!


tippy smith

No too many free spins

Ellen’s Slot is great!


Fun for everyone!