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Ellen's Road to Riches Slots is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Great game


Ellen i love this game!!



Fun game

Best games EVER!!!


I’m loving the games!! HOOKED!! Need sleepπŸ™ƒ

Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots


It’s a very fun game. It can be very much addicting!



Love playing as the games are very giving and love all of Ellen’s comments!!!!

Amazing ! Not a take your money slot game !


Try it ! Very addictive ! Fair not a buy more spend more game !

Much fun thank you Helen

Blondie number one

Salute Lee great thank you so much

Love it but it keeps pissing me off

Darlene H

I love this game, by far my favorite, but twice now I've been kicked out of a bonus game. When you come back, nothing there. This is getting ridiculous. Over and over I'm kicked out during bonus games. There should be some way that you can bring us back into the bonus game when we're booted. I've played others in the past that have done that. Also, the loyalty point slots I feel are unfair. I play everyday, and have paid the monthly thing for my piggy bank, but I shouldn't have to spend money, especially when I don't need to, just to get to the next level. Please review this for your loyal members that don't need to buy more coins. So now for what's great. I love the puzzles! So even after you've played enough to reach the next level, there's something to come back for. I love the piggy bank, and how it grows whether I'm playing or not. I love how each level, and each game is themed. How you start at home, then you're one your way to the show, in the audience, etc. BUT, my favorite part of the game is the daily challenges. That more than anything is what brings me back each day. Oh, and when you add in the additional challenges, like going up levels, getting wheel bonus, or top 3 prizes it adds even more fun. If you could fix the getting kicked out bug, or at least bring us back to where we were, this would be the best game ever!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Back to back boots in the make it rain game. Please, please fix this issue. It's almost always the same level that I'm booted from.

Fun game


Would like to receive coins quicker to play without having to buy.

Be kind


Love u my muse