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Elite Commando Counter Attack

We are back with real life ruthless attacks that are guaranteed to tremble the calm side of your inner self.
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Enough with the trainings already, Elite commando has a savage counter shooting attack to face. An adventurous danger for what you have never been trained for. The only mission here is to go wild and induce all the groundings of your American warship spirit. Be the one to win the mission all by you and remain the only one with the grim soul of a commando to swipe out a whole battle and save the city. Waiting for your brutal identity to back up the shooting roar? Than be the cruel one to save the innocent ones. Exploit your training, disarm the gangs, counter the tough ones and sweep the crime out of the shooters to ace the battle. Snipe at Snipers, surprise the attackers, destroy the army and protect the last town with your daring warship.
Be the real Elite commando and bring it on the army of enemies to become the nasty hero.
Vicious !!!

Key Features
- Deadly weapons
- Outrageous surroundings
- Remarkable sounds
- Appealing graphics


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