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This egg made of gold is hiding a well-hidden secret. To hatch this exclusive egg, one must click 10000000 times. The amount of determination needed is almost infinite. If you are a person who lack of patience, this is not the game for you. Be one of the first to find out the secret, download and start playing right now. Good luck.
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Games Free Sebastian Lindblad Petersen iPhone, iPad, iPod


Goin crazy with it

Can't wait to finish this!!


I kept on tapping until I got to the point where I go down a digit and it Just starts right over!!!!!!!!! Don't get the app, it's just a total time waster!!!!!!!!

Bonnie Demaree

This was (is) really cool. While I still haven't gotten to the secret thing, I'm finding it really hard to stop tapping.

Gonna take forever

I know that it's probably something stupid inside of the egg but I'm still going and I'm gonna get ten million clicks just to say I did it haha:) they say you get rewarded I doubt that but it would be sweet :)


It takes you about 1 week to complete this game