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Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam is free iOS app published by Yury Pirozhkov

Love it


Very convenient. I set alarms and their updates on news is almost real time (although I have fx news gun on computer). Helps me stay abreast of the news, so I can trade wisely and profit confidently

App crashing iOS10


This is a great app, but once I updated to iOS 10 the app crashes and refuses to open, hope it will be fixed soon

Must-have app for all traders !!


Real-time quote, News, Important Economic Events schedule update.... etc You should have this, if you are interested in trading FX or Stocks.

Just what I need


Simple and efficient! Has all major economic data releases for U.S and overseas markets and it updates in real time when in info is released! Love it!

Very good app


Nice, needs some updates, sometimes it crashes.



Great app

The best

Habib Zafari

I will not use anymore other calendars except this app. It gives you much more than others

Good job


Good app

Very good app.


Noob trader. Keeps me somewhat informed.