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Compete in a multi-game adventure following Cody as he chases his dream of mastering Trekker’s Park, an untamed wilderness notorious for its rough terrain and WILD animals. A place where the fauna is out to get you and the path to the end of the park is unknown. Face the challenges of Trekker’s Park with nothing more than a pack full of supplies and your trusty dog Scout. You’ll have to draw on all of your wits and courage to triumph.
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Games Free Baxalta Incorporated iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Help Cody roll his backpack through the Bushwhacked maze without losing any of his camp supplies! Stop and pick the flowers to score some extra points.
- Race against the clock as you guide Cody up to the peak of Alpine Summit, dodging obstacles and grabbing pickups as you scale the vertical.
- Move quickly to complete Cody's camp chores while sneaky critters try to plunder rations and disrupt the campsite.

- Exercise your mind by participating in Bonus Rounds.

- Complete each task in the time allotted
- Make sure everything stays in your backpack or tent
- Pick up flowers and snap pictures for bonus points
- Answer bonus questions for even more points!
- Play again and again until you're on top of the leaderboard
- Compete against others on our global leaderboard

- Eco-Trek is only available in single-player format
- Includes 30 unique levels -- 10 levels for 3 games
- Earn badges like a real scout
- Share your high score through Twitter

Created by Intouch Solutions and Snowed In Studios for Baxalta Incorporated.

* No in-app purchases necessary

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