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Early Learning Abacus is free iOS app published by Firefly Interactive Pty ltd



Simple and easy! Perfect for our autistic son who learns better visually! Great app! And it's FREE!!! Thank you!

Doesn't work like an abacus!!

Unimpressed with abacus

This app counts every bead as one! It makes no use of place value, which is the purpose of using an abacus! If I move one bead on the bottom row and one bead on the second bottom row, that should represent eleven. Instead, this app calls it two. No use if you actually want an abacus, unless you ignore the counter at the top.



I like this version b/c it is helpful like when mom would get out the pennies and make you do your math. The only suggestion I would make is 1. giving an option to turning of the number board that way if your child is using it for homework, it doesn't give them the answer. 2. The option to to turn off the movement of the iPad which slides the beads from 0-100. Other then that great app. It would be harder to get a child to understand a traditional abacus. ( my child anyways)

Good Idea

Rochelle C-R

This app has been a huge app for my 1st grader who needed help to visualize the problems. The one suggestion I've seen throughout the comments is the ability to turn off the number board so it can't give the answer. We've used a piece of cardboard to hide it, but it would be easier to toggle it off/on.



Pls update so I can continue to use in your classroom

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