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Dungeons & Balloons - Balloon Rescue

Pretty, innocent balloons are trapped in a dark, scary dungeon and it's on you to keep them alive as long as possible using your agility, reflexes and ability under pressure!
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Games Free One Arm Bandit LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Dungeons and Balloons is totally unique, simple and addictive highscore-based game with a single infinite level that gets more challenging the longer you play. It is free to download and play.

Help the balloons stay airborne above the spiky dungeon floor and survive amidst a slew of tricky old-world hazards such as balloon bombs, attacking arrows, spikes and an undying baddie that only the best live long enough to see. Earn higher scores by keeping more balloons alive longer.


Here are some gameplay tips to get you started:

- Swipe to keep balloons aloft
- Tap and hold the smaller, deflated balloons to inflate them and put them in play
- Avoid hazards and stay alive!
- Balloons level up as they stay alive (red -> green -> blue -> gold) and give you increasingly higher scores!


Dungeons and Balloons started off as a RAD experiment involving a new gameplay mechanic that evolved into this tiny game. This means that there are loads of exciting features to look forward to for the future such as:

- Global and friends leaderboards
- Social features
- More game modes
- More enemies and hazards
- And more!



Great challenges

Awesome Game!!!!
Timeer Mehta

This app is great! Such a simple game but yet so addicting! Definitely worth the download.


It can use some more instructions at 1st but it is easy to get the hang of