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The quirky Raposa and your drawn hero return in Drawn to Life: Two Realms, the next installment in the beloved franchise! You again take on the role of the Creator, unlocking the mysterious connection between the two worlds, and creating a Hero to save them both!
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Games $4.99 505 Games (US), Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- A brand-new Creation Tool expands the creative possibility with millions of colors, unique stickers, templates, new hero animations, and a mix and match look to truly bring your imagination to life! As you play, unlock additional Stickers to further customize and save out your unique Hero looks via the new “Outfit System”.

- The story continues! Now that Mike is awake, a new human world is revealed. Travel between the Raposa and Human towns to uncover the mystery of the shadow and save Mike and his friends. The full cast of Raposa return, along with brand new characters to interact with!

- Use the Book of Imagination to enter the mind and challenge Townspeople, Enemies and Raposa to resolve conflict and defeat the shadow. Utilize and place dozens of unique toys to score points based on your own imaginative solutions. Take control of your Hero and jump, spin, and ground pound your way through over 100 unique challenges!

- A true continuation of the series, brought to life by many of the original developers. Enjoy over 50 new music tracks from the original franchise composer, a lush 2D world from the renowned original sprite artist, and continued story presented by the original Executive Producer of Drawn to Life, and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.


Probably a lot better on other platforms

When I found out that this game was coming out to iOS, I was excited because I thought I could use my Apple Pencil to create even better drawings than the ones I made on the DS. However, the pixels don’t match up to where the Apple Pencil is touching on the iPad, making it extremely difficult to draw because you never know where your lines are actually going to go. Furthermore, the controls are extremely difficult and unpredictable, making the game nearly unplayable. I really hope these problems are fixed, as I was really looking forward to this game. For now, I guess I’ll just have to delete it off my iPad

Okay, but could use some tweaking
Mike L.G

The story was appealing but the controls are a bit clunky, any chance you can add a auto jump feature? The game is okay otherwise.

Fairly Solid

The platforming and drawing controls could use some tweaking, but otherwise has been really fun so far


Upon startup the game hangs on black screen for a while and then crashes. Running on iPhone 6 using os 12.4.9 which is listed as compatible according to the store page.

Apple Pencil not calibrated
Tahesha johnson

I can’t draw right cause it’s very off , doesn’t match with the dip ov the pencil and not calibrated, please fix this!

Couldn’t start
Splodgey the robot

I’ve been looking forward to playing this game the moment it was announced. When I bought the game on my iPad mini 2 it ended up crashing the moment I attempted starting the game. While I would love to play this game, I must give it a poor rating until it’s fixed

Can’t draw in this drawing game

I was excited to continue the adventures from the DS games, but this game’s calibration is non-existant. For a drawing game to not be able to place the pixels where you touch the screen is unforgivable.

iPencil support FINALLY

BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS ARE WRONG. LT IS A B IS Y Seriously does no one test this stuff with a controller ? happy to say iPencil support finally works does that warrant 5 stars no, here’s why, For one There’s no skip on the cutscenes, two Drawing in drawn to life is still a frustrating mess so today the update came out & while I’m happy iPencil support is working I was frustrated, I have a iPad you would think that the features like character preview, drawing & such would take advantage of the larger screens. Meaning moving the preview window around or making the work area cater to the iPad screen it honestly feels like a blown up iPhone app...so you open the preview window during drawing then must close the preview to select a tool to draw, then re open the preview to start drawing again I like to draw in preview to see what I’m getting, zooming is STILL finicky at times I’d zoom & draw on my character....UGH Legs with this game x.x trying to line it all up body wise .. Why can’t we select a drawing & resize it like stickers ? You can’t free draw like in Draw a Stickman 2... You can’t draw platforms weapons or anything else like old drawn to life games, you draw your player that’s it, for a DRAWN to life game I expected more drawing... DRAW A STICKMAN 2 has more drawing then this game ? This dev has lost its magic this doesn’t feel like a ds game it feels like a rushed mobile game .. But I give it 3 stars for fixing the biggest issue.

I wish it were better.

Please make drawn to life 3 for a console. I bought the game just to support my favorite franchise as much as I could, but this deviates far too much in every way from the original two games. I don’t want a puzzle platform game. It can’t really be called a sequel unless it’s has the game style of gameplay as the previous ones. It might have been fun if this was a simple spin off title with no connection to the previous games or Atleast be treated as such then people wouldn’t be complaining online about the narrative and continuity. I still look forward to the future despite it given how good the previous two games were and will continue to support the series for as long as possible.


This is just bad, bad story, bad controls, bad everything. The story is dumb. For one, how can you transport to the Raposa with Mike being awake?? I thought it was a dream realm, the ending for DtL:TNC was Mike waking up from a coma! Plus, the “Book of Imagination” just sounds stupid and extremely childish, the “Book of Life” sounds better. The controls are not good, the walking movement is too slow, and there needs to be a double jump option other than jumping off an enemy. The controls are so hard, it’s harder than the final boss in DtL:TNC. And that’s saying something. Aldark is a bad villain, all he does is “You spoiled my plans! I others though and I’m not gonna tell you! MWA HA HA HA!!!!” And then and end of the end of the game he says he’ll be back. You’ll be back?? Aldark, did you not realize this was the last DtL game?? The rest of the series (except for DtL:TNC for the Wii) was good! This is just a rushed game to get fans of the franchise to get it. Overall, -1,000/10. Don’t waste your money on it. -TheGlopticLord

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