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Drawing Class: Figure and Life Drawing Practice

A great little app for the travelling artist.
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Productivity Free Simon Fairbairn iPhone, iPad, iPod

Can't get to a life drawing class? No problem! Simply load up the app with photos (provide your own or purchase one of our model packs) and it will simulate a life drawing class for you.

Choose your class length, and the app will rotate through your images, easing you in with some quick warm up gesture poses before settling in for a longer pose.

Just like in a real life drawing class, you'll start with some quick thirty second gesture sketches, then some minute-long sketches, and so on until the last pose that is held for up to an hour for you to work to a finished piece.

Improve your drawing on the go!


well executed but i have a suggestion
lost emu

let me begin by saying the app is very well thought out. it works wonderfully, and the ability to create your own library of references strictly for drawing without having them clog up your camera roll. my only problem is that one cannot select a specific picture from your library, and must always draw a randomly selected one. if that one minor issue was amended it would be well worth five stars. it’s a great app that really takes into account the average needs of artist that aren’t always included in photo apps. :)

Ignore the one stars
grayson sir smith

The people who put one stars just don’t get the point of the app. The pre loaded photos are just examples you are supposed to curate your own gestures, which the ability to do that is so helpful. You go eccentric app guy, you go

The Only App for Figure Drawing
Geo (:

This might be the only app for timed figure drawing, and it does it flawlessly. Shame it hasn’t been updated in years because it’s great. All the bad reviews are people not knowing what this app is actually for.

Needs more to it

Okay, I was expecting this app to have a lot of variations of images but that’s not what it had. Instead it recycles the same 5 pictures of a girl. In my opinion it needs more models, male, female, clothed, unclothed etc. What is the point of downloading an app to get models if it’s just going to be there for you to have to find your own drawing model references ? It defeats its own purpose by existing. Not good.

Ben Figuly

This app lets you look at photos you took..... yep that’s what it does. It also comes with free photos of a woman in a bikini. Sooo what stops me from googling a photo of a woman in a bikini, starting a timer, and looking at the damm photo on my photos app? This is literally just the photos app but worse

Simple and useful
Fox Robison

This app does the job, and I haven’t found any others like it. You can upload your own pictures which is really the best suited feature to practice. It comes with a few preloaded pictures but they aren’t ideal. It is easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it’s easier than timing yourself manually. If you’re looking to really improve with figure drawing then go find a live model or group to work with, they’re not that hard to find. However if you want some casual drilling this is an alternative.

Why is everyone making fun of this?

This is literally how you learn figure drawing. What are you unhappy about? It’s timed poses. Go pay for a class if you don’t like it.


Could add on more feature if you wanted, but over all wouldn’t change a thing. Very smart putting in the passcode thing for those of us that don’t want people stumbling upon our nude models.

Great app, simple and useful

However while I'm doing the 30 second posts I can't return to the menu without waiting the posting to end, hope can fix that. And need more photos!!!!!!

Nice, however...

This is a nice app. However, if one could import folders of photos without having to select individual pictures to fill an album, it would be a huge improvement. It would also be great if the duration of the pose was displayed. Thanks!

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