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Dragon Legends Fantasy War

What can be more interesting than some medieval legendary creatures? Nothing, we’re sure! And who’s the most powerful of that kind? The fire-breathing dragon, of course! Dragon Legends Fantasy War – your ultimate chance to be this dragon completing amazing quests, facing stunning challenges, fighting awesome monsters and destroying everything around!
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Dragon Legends Fantasy War features:
• Exciting dragon as the main character
• Amazing world full of strange beasts
• Chance to fight with the knights and myths
• Great variety of missions and quests
• Opportunity to mate and raise your family
• Large open world to explore
• Innumerable ways to entertain yourself
• Lots of wonderful dragon stats and skills
• Many unlockable skins for your dragon
• 3D medieval surroundings of HQ

Be ready to fight until the end, or just choose the family life quests to look after little dragons and fulfill their stomachs! Play Dragon Legends Fantasy War game and have fun!


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