Does the world need another app about cats? Well, we believe, yes.
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Photo & Video Free Kamil Powalowski iPhone, iPad, iPod

We give you a unique possibility to release your artistic flair and become the real Cat Picasso.

So, how it works?
The App contains a blank space which is dedicated to your own drawings and the other screen, that shows you the result.
Artificial intelligence recognizes the lines and tries to connect them with proper parts of the cat's body based on the cats' photos.​
Even when your draft is not ready yet, you can press the button named Generate to glance how it looks like and make some changes.

The outcome might be very surprising and provides lots of fun to you and your friends. So free your imagination, go wild and don't forget to share your masterpiece on the social media.


Cats only
I hate maps

You can only use cats very disappointed

The kid critic XD

It's a pretty nice app! I use it a lot for entertainment, but I personally think you should add other things to translate, like humans or something ?

Doesn’t work for basic drawing

I did a basic drawing but it just transformed weird shapes of distorted colors on my iPad screen. No fun.

Absolutely terrifying

In the best way