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Dog Sweetie Friends is a very cute dog simulation social game.It's the cartoon version product of Dog Sweetie Series.
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Games Free Lonfun iPhone, iPad, iPod

【Main Feature】
-Breed collection: More than 30 breeds in the game, even Tibet Mastiff included!
-Dog care: Feed,water,bath,touch.anything. you can even hug your dog!
-Tricks training: Teach your dogs to learn more than 20 tricks! Even including Gangnam style!
-Top class DIY: Dress your dogs, Decorate your house, Give your dog tattoo.Best of all,you can try everything before you purchase them.
-Interaction: Interact with friends, help them or steal their coins,your choice.Get married and have puppies.
-Challenge: Fight on the street to earn the ranks. You have No.1 dogs.Bravo!

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wolf evlotion

I would like to see some new puppies in the game but there are so so cute best dog game ever I definitely recommend this game for anyone who is a dog lover


my dogs are sick and I cant heal them... HELP


now it would be so much better if you could restart the game i am NEVER playing this game again i will if you make the change


It won't restart somehow please fix it

cupcake queen happy face

This game amazing so I think you should get it and Your own dog it is amazing and really really really really really fun so I did a five stars because it’s really really fun and so just have fun this app is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so good I just can’t resist the cuteness this is really fun for me and other people who like dogs I should get This game it is amazing and I just hope you enjoy this game.

Pls add

If you could add rare and bizarre dogs and the chests for em, that’d be even more amazing than it is now!! Other than that, no problems besides a little lag now and then.

Gr8t F4ng

Awesome game, but why are all the normal 20 charm dogs 50 diamonds? Shouldn't they be 20 diamond for 29 charm.

The worst

It will not let me play it's the worst game ever.Normaly I would love it but it will not let me on.It gets me to were the little brown dog runs the POW it crashes.You really need to fix this.

I heard no body comment on this app I was surprise

The app is good anyway

Megan _qwerty

I love this game :):)