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Docking Donuts Tycoon Lite -2 in 1-

"DOCKING DONUTS TYCOON LITE -2 in 1-" is a simple and addictive time management game.
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Games Free Jang Chan Woo iPhone, iPad, iPod

It is a fusion of time management and puzzle.
You can play The Docking Donuts Puzzle Game additionally.

You will manage a donut truck. Drive your donut truck around the city.
Find guests and sell donuts.
As you make more and more money, your business becomes more complicated.

There is two parts in this game. One is ‘map part’
and another is ‘donut business game part’.

In the map part, you will drive your donut truck
around the city. Drive for the guests. They are
everywhere in the city. You'd better pass a smaller guest group for
bigger one. Sometimes an interrupting truck shows up.
And sometimes you have to go back to the head quarter
before hungry guests for insufficient ingredients.
It's like a real business world.

In the donut business game part,
You should pay attention to the order list.
Make donuts and drinks as the order. Guests do not wait long.
You should serve them in the limited time.
Make donuts and drinks through a machine.
The shape and color of a donut must be exactly same with what a guest wants.

Strategic real management - Local map, ingredient purchase, bank, guest groups.
Unique factors - turck tuning, magical business skills.
Donut game - creative and exciting making donuts.


Never miss this game, if you want a creative and substantial entertainment.
Easy and addictive 'Docking Donut Tycoon' will keep your adrenaline going.


So Much Fun!

I love it! Buying inventory, making donuts, earning money-great game :)

It's ok

Donuts look cute.

Can't play both games

I thought this game was 2-1 I don't understand how to try the other game. It is an okay game

Fun but short

This app would get 5 stars if it wasn't short, but otherwise fun.

Needs work, but fun

Whoever put this together does not have a good command of the English language. The instructions are full of grammar mistakes, making them hard to follow. The fact that it's 2 games in 1 is nice, but there should be a way to switch between them besides from the home screen. Once you choose one game you either need to not play it for a day or turn the iPod off and back on in order to get back to the home screen. Docking Donuts has a nice twist on the regular match 3 games in that the donut won't just stay in the line you drop it. If where it lands is not flat the donut will roll down. However this does also make it a very hard game. Donut Tycoon is very fun (shame that it's short, but that's what you get for the lite version) but it needs some work. The graphics aren't too great, and the truck has a hard time going where you want it if you tap somewhere near the corner of the map. I had to open another app in the middle of making the donuts so I paused it. When I came back it was half frozen. Whatever I tapped on made the sound as if I tapped it, but nothing moved. I had to restart my iPod to get it to work again. I did give it four stars though because it's an original and fun story line for a time management game. The map part is a nice break from "make as many donuts as you can before the time runs out." I found it quite addictive, and the sound effects are good (but an option to play your own music would be nice). All in all I found the enjoyment from the game outweighed the annoyances.