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Do you like to party? Dance much? Like puppies and kitty cats? You're in luck! Disco Pet Revolution (DPR) is an awesome rhythm-based game where you can fully customize and dress your own pet and then dance as you rack up points and stars! Dance in outer space, dance underwater, or even in the snow! The music just doesn't stop when you're having this much fun.
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›› 3 INNOVATIVE GAME MODES - The challenges just keep coming! Dance to the beat in Reflex mode and Classic mode, or test your speed in Stopwatch mode.

›› 32 LEVELS ON 4 WORLDS - Think you can keep up with the madness? Never play the same game twice with different levels, worlds, songs, pets and difficulties.

›› 13+ PARTY SONGS - Dance to the best music from the likes of DJ Ness and EDM Originals! More songs will be coming soon. Custom music support is currently in development!

›› GAME CENTER SUPPORT - Think you can score 2 million points? Unlock achievements and beat all of your friends' high scores!

›› 6 UNLOCKABLE PETS - Unlock tigers, cats, bears, oh my! Free and paid pets are available!

›› TONS OF CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES - Head to the Pet shop and customize the color of your pet's fur, ears, add t-shirts, jeans, and even a birthday hat! Or maybe a top hat is more your style. Free and paid clothes and accessories are available!


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