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Direct Express – 5332 is free iOS app published by MasterCard Worldwide

Won’t let you have two cards on the app


I have a card and I am a payee for someone else. Why can’t I load both cards on the one app. Don’t understand why I can’t.



I got a new phone can’t login into this app cause it keeps asking for my dumb security questions I tried soo many times now I’m lock out been trying to call but it keeps saying wait 2 hours..... get rid of the stupid security questions please and unlock my account!

Direct Express 5332

giggles & gab

I’m sorry other people are having trouble but it’s nice to know it wasn’t just me. Since the update I cannot access my account. I’ve tried to install on the new app or whatever but it won’t except my card and it says that it’s account 5332 but when I pull it up to download it it says 511 whatever that other number is. I am very frustrated. This is ridiculous. So now I’m going to have to figure outWho to talk to you tomorrow so I can get this up and running. Not how I wanted to spend my day or any of my time. I’m very irritated.

Direct express


It’s doesn’t work need to just take it down

Problemas con la aplicación


No te da opción de corregir la información

Terrible app Direct Express six


Worst app ever made for an iPhone

It’s buggy on iOS 14.4

Mickey iphone

It’s buggy disruptive to my iPhone 12 Pro cellular signal and wifi very disturbing

App for cards starting in 5332


Yes finally the app we’ve been waiting for!!

Is this legit?


Just wondering if this app is legit, thanks

Not working


My card starts with 5332 and it’s not letting me do nothing