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Games Free Gary Cox iPhone, iPad, iPod

Fun & relaxing and easy to play. Similar to match 3 games but with a new style of gameplay. Match the dice and score high points! 'Classic' version included, with the option to purchase additional game modes. Plan your strategy to save your last move on all the high values, or just swipe all the pairs. Occasionally, a rare x10 dice will appear but use it wisely on the high dice values. After each game, your score is saved on a local High Score list & global leaderboard Game Center™ for you to compete again the next time. Retina graphics and fun music, you can play over and over. Also supports the ability to play your own iPod music. Includes Game Center™ Leaderboards & Achievements.

4 Game modes: Classic, Timed, Solitude & Frantic.

• Classic: 30 turns of this classic game will have you planning your moves carefully at your own pace.

• Timed: Score as many high values within 5 minutes.

• Solitude: Try to eliminate all the dice at your own pace. Concentration and careful planning will help achieve a High Score.

• Frantic: The dice disappear by themselves so act quickly! Try to match up the high value dice within 5 minutes.

• Upgradeable Dice Art Pack which includes 10 additional dice.

36+ Achievements to unlock!
Game Center™ global leaderboards!

Note: In the event your purchases are missing due to the upgrade, please use the 'Restore Purchases' button on the main menu OR just repurchase the same items again and they will be free. Apple doesn't charge for the same purchases twice.


Excellent game.

Great way to spend idle time. Fun.

Dice match

Nice way to kill some time.

Nice app

Not much to it but its a nice alternative to having to think!

Nice app

Nice App

Not bunco

Did a iTunes search for bunco this came up. No bunco option.


Love it!

Not happy

When I did the update. It erased the extra games I payed for. That's just wrong. That needs to be fixed or return my money.

Real fun game!

Good for a quick game or longer if you use more strategy.

Fine wine lady

I love this game I have tried all versions and played with all the different dice. The game is so addicting to me. I'll play a game every time I get a second. The best.

Jennifer Williams

I had payed to unlock the other games a long time ago. Play this game everyday several times a day had no problems, go to play today and its locked all the games I paid for is gone! Unlock my games again or return my money!