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Martin is a 40 years old man who is also nostalgic for his old home. Back when he was a teenager, he was forced to move out, because his father got a new job at other country. His whole family moved out and they never came back to their old home. After so many years, Martin finally decides to come back to his home town and visits his old home in order to remember the precious as well as the sad moments spent as a child.
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As soon as he arrived at the street, Martin saw the old house in which he grew up. He begun to feel warmth all over his body. The look of his face was fixated towards the old house. This house is now abandoned and in ruins. It doesn't look like the one from the past at all. The reason for this is because the house is abandoned for many years and nobody thought about buying it. The house was only visited by the local burglars who most of all wanted to find something to fill their pockets with money. Martin now enters the yard and with the each steps he makes, he sees thrown objects all around him. Most of these objects bring memories from the days when he was just a child. There are plenty of objects, cloths, photos and books around that can be useful to him.

He sits on a small chair leaning against the wall of the house and looks at each and every single detail of the yard that can bring some memories from the past. Instead of seeing the old and abandoned property, he now starts to see the fresh and green grass along with the beautiful flowers that his mother used to grow up. He also starts to remember the afternoon hours that he usually spent with his father working around the house. One of his better memories is the one with the big tree where he used to play along with his friends and his younger brother. A few tears have just appeared on Martin's face.


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