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Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein

History and turn-based strategy collide in Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein!
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Games $9.99 Shenandoah Studio LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

The award-winning team behind Battle of the Bulge and Drive on Moscow asks: Can you outwit the Desert Fox?

Take control at the turning point of the battle for North Africa in this WWII strategy game. Will you hold the line as the Commonwealth or capture the Suez Canal as the Axis?

Command a grand campaign, making key decisions and controlling the final engagement. In the oppressive heat of the desert, supplies are running low. Do you wait for more, or make a desperate attack now with tired troops? Use mines, ridges, and depressions to your advantage in desert warfare against challenging AI or online opponents. Desert Fox, designed from the ground up for iPhone and iPad, is a thrilling wargame experience for both casual and veteran players.

Key Features:
•Command tanks, recon units, flak guns and more in strategic desert warfare
•Call the shots and decide when to attack or defend in campaign mode
•Learn the ropes through quick, guided tutorials
•Face off against distinct AI opponents, local friends, or players online
•Battle through two stand-alone scenarios in addition to the grand campaign
•Relive victories with replays, leaderboards, and achievements
•Improve your strategy with full rules and charts and tables
•Discover history with extensive historical photos and commentary
•Designed by Mark Herman, award-winning inventor of Washington’s War

“It's very easy to learn, has a great tutorial, but also offers up a huge amount of strategic possibilities, ensuring that no two games will play out quite the same way.” -Touch Arcade

“…this is turn-based strategy for everyone.” -Pocket Gamer

“If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in historical wargames, Desert Fox is the one to try.” -Pocket Tactics


Not as Compelling...
Jack Bauer CQB

I'm a huge fan of the games that this company puts out. I thought Battle of the Bulge and Drive on Moscow were superb games. I really really want to put this game in the same category as the previous two game, but I'm finding I can't. I simply did not find this game as compelling and interesting as BoB and DoM. The graphics, game mechanics, etc are as good as always, but I just have not enjoyed the scenarios as much. I love the games that this company makes and I'm happy to have bought this game to support what they do even though it was my least favorite of the 3 games they've produced. Can't wait for the next game!

Excellent game please update

I am so mad that they stop updating after I spent my money

One of the few 5-star hardcore games for iPad

I was a big fan of Battle of the Bulge, and am really excited about the third title in the series. I can't wait for the upcoming Gettysburg game. Looking forward to the multiplayer!

Not worth $10

When I first bought the game, I was expecting it to be worth it as I rarely spend too much money on apps. I was also amazed at all the five star reviews. But I found that it just wasn't too great like when you could only move units in one square in only one turn, when a turn is especially quite big in some missions... I think that it should be like five units or something since only a square isn't much. Especially when there is only one unit in that square. Just some things failed to amaze me. Myself, as a long time lover for strategy games wasn't amazed at it. I hope the curators make a update to it. What I want to see is more missions, being more balanced, and cheaper.

A waste of money

You would think that for $10 you would get a game that is playable. Unless you want a game that crashes every 5 minutes in addition to being tedious beyond belief, then I recommend you not download this.


Certainly worth $10! Fantastic strategy game!!

I love it, but...

This is a well thought out game and very enjoyable with one exception. The battle odds system is inherently inaccurate at calculating the outcome of a battle. More often than not the least likely outcomes occur. Id be okay if this happened once or twice a game, but it happens way more often. Too often, in fact, for me to believe that its just bad luck. Also Ive had issues with it properly allocating the elite unit bonus for me (though the computer AI seems to have no issues). For those reasons I have to give this game three stars.

Great Game

This is an excellent game. It is beautifully crafted and clearly built on the basis of much research. The game rules have lots of nuances, which make it both interesting and fun. The constraints imposed on play by the limitation of supply make it challenging, and gives it a feel of being true to life. I found the tutorials to be very helpful; and the rules were comprehensive without being too difficult to master. The tips for each side were also useful to get going. It is definitely a strategy game, and you might want to check out Shenandoah’s website to make sure this is the type of game you like. If you do, this is an outstanding product; and, for me, very good value for money.

Fun, but frustrating crash

Game locked up after 5 weeks when reviewing an axis turn. Needs addressed and updated. Great game, but hesitant to start another campaign for fear of a lockup after a lot of time investment. Ipad 4.

*scratching neck*

Ya got any more of these CIC games comin out..??