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DeadLane - 3D Zombie Apocalypse Game

The endless 3D zombie horde has risen for the blood & brains of all mankind. You must use your car and superior driving skills to kill them all. Ride the road to salvation and survive the apocalypse on the highway of the damned. Fine your lane and escape the city to wage war against the killer 3D zombies walking the road ahead. Whether in the desert or on the highway your endless action packed journey has just begun.
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The undead have not quenched their killer thirst for flesh. There will be blood, and it is your head they are after. Survive for as long as you can in this endless zombie runner game. Kill the dead and make sure they stay dead in this epic 3D zombies game.
Experience the blood and gore of smashing the dead, directly on your windshield. Race down the highway, changing lanes and winning the war, one zombie at a time. The survival of mankind depends on you. Whether in the city, forest, or desert the undead will not yield. They will maintain their lane, and you must clear them off the road.
Join mankind’s war for survival armed with your trusty car and lightning reflexes. Attack the walking dead for bonus gems, collect shields for invincibility and trigger jumps to hurdle over short obstacles.
The journey may be endless, but you will be rewarded, brand new zombie splattering vehicles and the title of zombie hunter. With a variety of 3D models, you will always find a fresh new target.
An action packed endless 3D zombie killing, highway driving game. Put the pedal to the metal, the grill to the undead face, and enjoy that satisfying splat.


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