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Alphabet AR is an educational and interactive Augmented Reality app for children to explore the English alphabet and example words with life-like, animated 3D objects from the real world.
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Education Free 360ed Pte Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod


- Interactive 3D models with realistic textures
- Tap the 3D models for their animations!
- Rotate and zoom the models to explore furthermore
- Offline use once the app is activated
- Listen and practice correct pronunciation
- Test content with “Learn and Play” section

Benefits to Learning

- Helps visualize the world around us
- Helps children to learn the English Alphabet
- Teaches correct pronunciation and usage in a sentence
- Encourages inquiry and self-learning
- Helps parents for home tutoring with their children

How to Use

It’s simple
1. Download the app
2. Scan the QR Code (part of the Datthinpone Alphabet Box) to activate the app
3. Bring Datthinpone Alphabet cards and see characters pop out
4. Tap the characters to see them in action

1. Press the AR icon
2. Scan the cards with phone within [15cm - 30cm] for 3D models
3. Press the ‘Speaker’ icon to hear correct pronunciation
4. Press the ‘Camera’ icon to take a picture with 3D models
Learn and Play
1. Press the ‘Learn and Play’ icon
2. Select an image on the left
3. Choose the correct answer among the three choices
4. Collect three stars to receive a golden trophy!

About us

We are a team of Myanmar and international educators, tech experts, content creators, and scholars who are committed to revamping the education reform process by leveraging advances of VR, AR and other emerging technologies for learners in Myanmar. Our work is grounded in experimentation, innovation, collaborative partnerships and extended fieldwork.


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