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Welcome to this new adventure ....
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Games Free Daniele DalCin iPhone, iPad, iPod

Attention all Zoombie that attack you.

Shoot everything that moves, and the missions you can add credits to give strength to Dalcion

Have fun !!!!!


Crude, yet shows promise

This game is obviously based off of a flash game (can't remember the name right now) but does a decent job with it. However, any survivors you find are almost worthless because they only shoot in a line, regardless of whether a zombie is in their line of fire or not. Secondly, the survivors flee for no reason despite having a nearly full barricade. Lastly, (this was most disappointing) the PAUSE FEATURE doesn't work. I paused the game for about 15 seconds, and I come back to me being dead. I had finally unlocked some decent guns and they were gone in the blink of an eye... I tried using fast-app switching with it, but it did the same thing: when I came back it had shown that I was already dead with a swarm crawling over my barricade. This game needs some MAJOR tweaking. When I see this taken care of, maybe my rating will go up, though if you could enhance the graphics some too, that would improve the aesthetics of the game as well.

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