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Cute Halloween Games & Treats is free iOS app published by Rank One LLC

Awesome game!


This game is awesome! Super fun and excellent graphics as well! Super cool game for Halloween time or any time!

Love it!!!


We’ll keep it for awhile.. I love the Halloween scenes and the music!! #NICE

Meerkat63 22

meerkat63 22

Love this game! It is truly cute. Pass a level,& you get a heart (life).



Very cute game. Thank you.



Awesome game

It’s alright but…


So I went on this game and I saw that it was only showing half of my screen!!!!Then I went to write this review. Next, after a minute or so, I went back on and it was fine. I think that it could need a bit more bug fixes in the game because of what happened to me. Thank you for your understanding and appreciation! From, NoFrofro.


VRP 5279

I'm surprised there's not more 5 star ratings I'm really enjoying the game I will be playing it after Halloween it's a keeper

Basic but fun


Cute Halloween theme! I'd play all year, but very frustrated that there's no way to earn the coins to buy the chest that you supposedly "win" at the end of each level. I'm up to level 17, and haven't "won" a single chest that didn't cost money. There's no opportunity to earn the 2 coins it costs to buy the chest that you "win" at the end of each level. I've had a little fun with it, but will be deleting soon - sorry!!

Has issues


Some levels say you have so many moves but pops up saying youre out. So I had 30 moves but still had 25 and it said no more moves