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-Game Play-
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Games $0.99 Park Sun-woo iPhone, iPad, iPod

To defeat bugs, you should build various towers and
update them in order to limit of bug’s movement.
You can deploy buildings with abilities such as range attack by SSM Tower,
the bug’s movement decrease by Ice Tower, stun attack by Electricity Tower, and etc.

-The Explanation of Tower-
Cannon (Cannon Tower): Fast attack to enemy. Also,
able to attack the surface and the air too
SSM (Surface to Surface Missile): Launch a long surface
range missile. Range Attack
Ice (Ice Tower): Decrease Enemy’s movement by Ice Attack.
Able to attack in the air, and the surface
Electricity (Electricity Tower): Attack Enemies within range and
momentarily disables movement (stun)
(Stun rate increases with level/ Able to attack
the surface and the air)
SAM (Surface to Air Missile): Launch Antiaircraft Missile to an
enemy which is in the air.
Able to launch Max 3 times at once


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