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Cryptometheus is like a social network for people who like making cryptocurrency price predictions. You can make predictions on 100s of crypto-currencies, and interact with other predictors. Each prediction you make impacts your PQ score (Prediction Quotient) -- an objective indicator of your prediction skill and credibility!
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Gamified / Social Predicting
See a prediction you think will fail? Scoff at it! See an interesting prediction from a rising star and want to get a piece of the action? Back it! Cryptometheus gives you 12 different actions to perform against predictions, adding an additional layer of fun to the experience. Here’s a summary of the actions:

Apologize and take responsibility for leading others astray with your failed prediction. It's the right thing to do, plus you'll save a bit of face.

Backing someone else's prediction is a way to expose yourself to upside with zero impact to your stats (PQ-score and success rate) if the prediction goes south.

Are you so proud of your successful prediction that you think everybody and their uncle should hear about it? Boast, and @Cryptometheus will tweet your success to all!

After a successful prediction why not take a bow? Bowing shows humility and gratitude by bestowing a small gift to anyone who backed your prediction.

Let's face it. Sometimes predictions fail. Comforting someone in their darkest hour is a small kindness that might make someone's day.

If apologizing for your failed prediction is not your cup of tea, defend it instead! Defending shuts the haters down before they can shut you down.

Double Down
Double down doubles your gains but also your risk. It's a signal of supreme confidence (and greed?). Use at your own risk.

Think a successful prediction was pure luck and not worth celebrating? Let everyone know where you stand by Downplaying it.

Have you realized the folly of a prediction? Retreat from it while you still can. This action is only available in the first 24 hours after your make the prediction.

See a prediction that you think is utterly absurd? Nothing a good Scoff can't handle! Scoffing is a bet that someone's prediction will fail.

They made a false prediction which possibly led other people astray. Are you just going to let them skate free? Hold them accountable with a good Shame! Shaming makes the creator of a failed prediction lose face.

See a successful prediction that you think is worthy of praise? Kneel in Worship to pay tribute to the prophet and demonstrate your reverence.

So what are you waiting for? Will you become then next prophet to rise to the top? Cryptometheus is free to join. All you need is a Twitter account and a little ability to peer into the future.

Note: a Twitter account is required to enjoy Cryptometheus.

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