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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd




I love this game so muchπŸ˜‡


I love the game so much I would like to put a play more oven so can you please you’re free and will you are free want can we instead of 100 can we go to at least 50 or 40 instead thank you. this game is so fun that even my cousin. But my conference. I play I don’t know why not stop playing so think you think they thinking thank you for making this Game for us



THIs GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carla montiel

Worst game ever Matthias lol

The bad ones


I don’t like the thing about there are murders in the game it doesn’t fit.

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So the first thing you have ever been in this sub for the first place in a game of good game for me and the other people who do it have been done by a friend and a man in his house he said that the company had been working on this sub for about two days ago the people in my family were in fact an exception but it seems the best time ever in this game was that it had been done by several years before Haha spoof those words were auto β˜‘οΈcorrect

Amazing Game


Amazing GAME



This game is amazing I can’t believe it! I put for hours and hours a day! I had to beg my mom to buy it for me! I rated it five stars I love it

Good game but...

Lauren love😊

I freaking love this game and I am 8 years old!! There is just 2 tiny problems... 1. It glitches a lot! When I am in the middle of a game it glitches I tap and then it glitches then when it stops is crashes!! 2. It has to many ads OMG!!! But otherwise Crossy road is the best game on my phone!😍❀️



i love this game. i okay it when i have nothing to do or i’m in a Chicken mood

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