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Crocodile Sim is a action, simulator game, where you play as a great, angry, hungry, green Crocodile. Your aim is simple, eat ( crunch ) everything in your way and keep the killing spree going. You can hunt 5 things: innocent swimming people ( Scuba Divers ), orca ( Killer whale ), whale, doplhin and octopus ( squid ) and other fish. Spread thrill, rampage, chaos, terror, gore, blood all across the sunny beach. Become the greatest Crocodile that ever lived outshinning the great megalodon. Feed the your vicious, ruthless, ferocious, brutal aligator, because he has a very big appetite and wants to attack a lot. Press attack button to rapid your attack speed in ocean sea, he also jumps ( leaps ) from water to get the snack. Cause as much damage as you can. You can only spread terror in water. If you dont feed your powerful aligator, he gets hungry and won't survive.
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Games Free HGames-ArtWorks s.r.o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Awesome 3D Visuals and sound Effects
- Grab your victim in the mighty jaws to kill him instantly like a great evil underwater predator who is thirsty for blood
- Best beast unlimited simulator in 2016


Lala Guhar

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