Creator Studio from Facebook Reviews

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Creator Studio from Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

This app is a mess

Hollywood Troy

No functionality from the online version is here. Seems pretty worthless. I can just as easily post from the FB app if there’s no cross post function.

Any updates coming soon ?


Tons of features are missing in this app and the business app …

Great app

miscreants comedy

This app is the best

Wont allow my profile to log in


I was able to click on my name on the login screen for easy access but no data shows.

No Instagram??


I don’t understand why the Instagram feature isn’t available on the app, only on desktop version? The fact that you can auto post IGTV is such a great selling point for this program and it’s not available is so frustrating!! I’ll stick to desktop…



Looks good

Garbage. Simpler to post right within FB


Garbage. Simpler to post right within FB

Love this feature.


Love this!

Easy and efficient


I love the new updates with Facebook. Great job

Comments don’t show on screen.


When going live from creator studio comments don’t show, you have to swipe the whole time to see a new comment. This makes me have to use another phone to read the comments and see what users are saying. This also takes away from me being able to look in the camera being that I have to look at another phone to catch comments and see interacting viewers are saying. I have a few complaints that I never speak to them and I think this may be the reason I can’t catch their comments. I would appreciate being able to see them so users aren’t complaining and so they can continue to spend time watching the content I’m putting out Thanks.